EMMA AKMAKDJIAN – Weaving Threads
May 11, 2021, 4:30 pm

Weaving Threads is a collaborative online performance that opens a window between the hand-making process and resulting product. Taking place over zoom on May 1st and May 11th in separate zoom quadrants, fifteen artists displays their hands while meditatively weaving, knotting, knitting, or crocheting together the hairs of heritage sheep, bull kelp, and personal fibers. Each artist brings a naturally dyed hand towel, pillow-case, t-shirt, and more that represents their environment and home from where they followed a preceding dye-bath workshop with 25 artists in April. The cacophony of natural colors, textures, protein from animals, and cellulose from seaweed symbolize the loose threads between land and sea. As we weave, we are acknowledging ourselves as a part of an environmental cycle. From grasses, sheep, urchins, giant kelp, primary producers, and predators who keep balance in the system, each contributor of the natural world nestles into a dependency of other beings. We do not exist alone.