June 7, 2018, 5:00 pm


Authentication Error [Solved] is the final undergraduate exhibition at UCLA Design Media Arts featuring works by the senior class of 2018, on view in the EDA at UCLA’s Broad Art Center opening Thursday, June 7th from 5-8pm.

In the midst of the ongoing trial between software-assisted convenience and personal data security, between social media fame and digital authenticity, the artists and designers of Authentication Error [SOLVED] provide documentation for the unusual answers we arrive at when routinely faced with the same questions ad nauseum.

These are questions of security, privacy, and agency, which emerge as we encode our experience into the media we collect and decode new meaning from the media we consume, as we outsource our attention and our labor to the artificial neural networks that learn from us, and as we archive the policy updates that promise a shift in corporate-level ethics.

These are our statements, as we discover that binaries – in people and in code – can emerge to become complex, undefined, and expressive.