February 5, 2019, 6:00 pm


Nathalie Lawhead is a multidisciplinary game designer and the creative force behind Tetrageddon Games. Although coming from a very traditional background in classic art, she started working in the new (and less traditional) online interactive media when email spam was still unheard of, and people used their real names (as well as grammar) in chatrooms. She creates playable experiences, interactive art, and online experiments blurring the line between games and art. Her games include, “Everything is Going to be OK” the winner of the 2017 Indiecade Festival’s Interaction award, and the online game collection “Tetrageddon Games “which won the 2015 Independent Game Festival’s Nuovo Award. Nathalie is a participating mentor in the Adobe Design Achievement Awards Mentorship Program, organized by Icograda International Council of Communication Design.

DMA 2018-19 Lecture Series co sponsored by UCLA GAME LAB