Established in 1999, the EDA (Experimental Digital Arts) is a space to encourage discourse and collaboration between disciplines and new experimental technologies. Space is designed for multimedia lecture presentations, performances, and exhibitions. The EDA is located in room 1250 adjacent to the main entrance of the Broad Arts Center at UCLA. For a schedule of all upcoming events, please visit the DMA website.

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Everyone is welcome at the EDA. We are committed to providing a welcoming environment to all by making our events as accessible as possible. All galleries and facilities within the EDA are wheelchair-accessible. Please email questions or specific needs to:
Gareth Walsh
 EDA Supervisor
The EDA is committed to expanding and sustaining the diversity of our students, staff, faculty and visitors to promote an environment of equality, inclusion and diversity. All people, of all colors, orientations and beliefs are welcome. We prioritize inclusion as an ongoing collaborative process of growth that we continually address, both within the EDA and in the field of Design Media Arts.


The EDA hosts a wide variety of public events organized by the Department of Design Media Arts. Highlights include the DMA Lecture Series, MFA Solo Shows, Undergraduate Senior Exhibitions and many other exhibitions, performances and lectures.


The PIT features a lectern with a wired mic and HDMI laptop integration into the house projection and sound system. There are a variety of wireless handheld and lapel mics also available. The EDA has a maximum capacity of 180 people.

The Pit is located on the lower level and is the largest space in the EDA measuring 42ft x 42ft with 15ft ceilings. The Pit is accessed via steps at the front and rear of the space. There is a wheelchair accessibility stairlift at the front of the EDA with a 495lb load capacity. All gallery walls in the pit are reinforced with plywood. A ceiling mounted uni-strut grid runs throughout the space and can be used for hanging objects and equipment. The PIT has a pre-set lighting system for lectures, stage performances, screenings, and receptions. There is also a customizable lighting option used for exhibitions. Numerous 20 AMP electrical circuits and 10 gigabit ethernet sockets are available on the walls, floor, and ceiling; along with secure wifi networks (UCLA login is required) and open UCLA wifi networks throughout the space.


  • PIT Dimensions: 42ftx42ft
  • PIT Height: 15ft
  • 1 1/4 inch uni-strut
  • 150 Spot lights
  • 150 Flood lights
  • Projector: Canon REALiS WUX7000Z with RS-SL01ST Lens
  • Projection Size Minimum: 15ft x 8ft (Approx)
  • Projection Size Maximum: 22ft x 14ft (Approx)
  • Projection Display System: 3-Chip 0.71" LCoS
  • Projection Brightness: 7000 Lumens
  • Projection contrast ratio: 4000:1

DMA Checkout

The DMA checkout is located adjacent to the EDA in Room 1250G of the Broad Arts Center at UCLA. The checkout houses a wide variety of audio, visual, computer, and presentation technologies for students, staff, and faculty in the Department of Design Media Arts. The equipment is used for class and research purposes and is reserved in advance via an online booking system. You must physically visit the checkout to activate your account.

The DMA checkout is only available to students who are currently enrolled in a DMA classes.

DMA Checkout
Watch DMA Checkout Rules video



Gareth Walsh

EDA Supervisor

Gareth Walsh is a media artist focusing on site-specific interventions and digital-sculpture. His work manipulates space-time properties of virtual and physical entities to create ruptures in the way we interpret objects and environment.

Photograph of Henrik Soderstrom

Henrik Soederstroem

ALUMNI - Graduate Student assistant

Henrik Soederstroem is Swedish-born artist currently pursuing a MFA in Media Arts at UCLA. His interests include sound, language, systems, immersion, virtuality, simulation, computer graphics, the supernatural

Photograph of Michael Seh

Michael Seh

Alumni - Undergraduate Student Assistant

Michael Seh is a Los Angeles based artist. He likes nature and studies Design Media Arts at UCLA.


    Dong Hye Kim

    Alumni - Undergraduate Student Assistant

    Dong Hye Kim is an industrial designer whose work is driven by human-centric design. His work draws inspiration from nature and technological advancements; he endeavors to expand subtleties into the field of commercial and industrial design.

    tristan espinoza's shadow

    Tristan Espinoza

    Alumni - Graduate Student Assistant

    tristan is an artist i guess